Covid-19 Return to Sports/Exercise Guidelines

The AAP is recommending that kids who tested positive for COVID-19 and who exercise, participate in sports or school gym classes should be cleared by a physician. The AAP states  ”Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 should not exercise until they are cleared by a physician. It is suggested they visit with their primary care physician (PCP) who will review the local 14-point pre-participation  screening evaluation with special emphasis on cardiac symptoms including  chest pain, shortness of breath out of proportion for upper respiratory tract infection, new-onset palpitations, or syncope and perform a complete physical examination. If the pre-participation  screening   evaluation and examination are  normal, no further testing is warranted and the patient may begin a gradual return to play after  10 days have passed from date of the positive test result and a minimum of 24 hours symptom free off-fever reducing medications. If the PCP identifies any new or concerning history or physical examination findings at this visit, an ECG should be performed and referral should be made to a pediatric cardiologist for evaluation and further testing”


For more information please visit the AAP website below. 

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