Phase 1 Update

We are working hard to accommodate the backlog of physicals of all ages, while meeting strict safety standards set forth by the DPH and CDC. You will notice some physical and many procedural changes to our practice. When we call to schedule you, we’ll walk you through the new normal. For starters, please wear face coverings (except children under the age of 2 years), call from your car when you arrive and when informed your room is ready, you with enter through the main doors of the health center and be screened by hospital personnel before being greeted by our staff in our office suite . Please know that these changes are to keep all of us as safe as possible while giving essential pediatric care. We will still be available to do TeleHealth visits for many sick patients and our goal is to keep the office available for well visits, for now. Due to infection control measures, we won’t be able to linger during visits but please know that all your questions will be addressed either face to face or over the phone.
To prepare your little ones for their visit, consider practicing wearing face coverings at home so they won’t feel so foreign come visit day. You might also explain that many of the staff look differently with our masks, eye wear, gloves and, sometimes, scrubs but we are still the same folks who love to take care of them. We’ve missed them even if we can’t give hugs just yet. See you soon.

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